We are a professional consulting, research, and development company in life science, intelligence, military intelligence, medical devices, environmental and space technology, financial tools, and investments. The founder of the company, Igor Zijan, received recognition from the highest level of government with two thank-you letters from the White House and President Biden, two Honorary Doctorates of advanced studies in Management and International Relations, four international awards, including the Outstanding Leadership Award 2022 and the Visionary Award 2023, the Consultant and Researcher of the Year 2023 award, and several cover magazines as the top world leader.





















System Of All token SALL ICO is available for you

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) System Of All token SALL is launched and the token SALL is available for you. ICO will run for 120 days.

  • 100 USD Start
  • $1.5 M Pre Sale
  • $1.5 M Soft Cap
Start Started
Token Supply 100.000.000 SALL
Accepted Tokens SALL, BNB
Project Protocol BSC20
Circulation Supply 100.000.667 SALL ICO
Maximum Cap 15 M
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System Of All SALL Token ICO, and new token SALL1

The deployment of SALL 1 as an additional token to the SALL ICO strengthens the System Of All SALL Token ecosystem. SALL 1 is now available on Dextools, offering users an opportunity to participate in the growing investment gateway. The token SALL prioritizes user experience and affordability by minimizing transaction costs. Extensive research and a robust smart logic structure make it one of the safest tokens available. Its contract logic focuses on safety and employs a specialized system to optimize outcomes. Powered by the BEP20 standard, the token incorporates innovative features like an anti-whale mechanism, anti-bot functionality, staking, and bonding, ensuring long-term sustainability. Additionally, the System Of All multi-sig wallet and Multi-sig Factory provide enhanced protection. The introduction of SALL 1 showcases the token's commitment to a secure and reliable investment platform for global users.

In the white paper, you can find further details about special features and options given to investors, and other users of the Multi-sig Factory. System Of All Technology is working as human, animal, and environment computer connection, within the highest regulated fields, including radio-field and micro-field technology.

Multi-sig Wallet System Of All SALL

The System Of All SALL Token allows its users to build a multi-signature wallet for the safe storage of their crypto assets. A list of public keys for the multi-sig wallet and the combination are all that is required for users to engage with our multi-sig wallet factory and get access to the platform. Two or more signatures are needed to authorize a transaction in a 2-of-3 multi-sig wallet, for example.

Some More Key Features of System Of All SALL Token

A Self-Liquidity pool of funds

Auto-liquidity pool tax is a novel solution to this issue that will keep on raising the token's liquidity pool size with each transaction. Having this functionality assures the token's long-term stability.

Mechanism to Prevent Whaling

Anti-dump functionality has also been included in order to prevent the token from experiencing large sell-offs.

Protection Against Automated Takeover

In order to prevent the liquidity pool's money from being drained, anti-bot protection has been included.

Multi-sig wallet up to 50 different public keys

The System Of All SALL Token enables its users to build a multi-signature wallet for the safe storage of their crypto assets.

Max Transaction Limit Only For Sell Transactions

The anti-whale feature of the token protects investors from being manipulated by whales and from massive sell-offs.

0.3% Upfront Reward While Staking With Monthly Claim Functionality

Buying System Of All Token will reward you with additional 0.3 % upfront reward.

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Find the journey of System Of All

1 1999

Project start - AI and human interactions. Research on a human interface with a machine was in the early stage. We measured the impact of different frequencies on the human body, and which frequencies our synapses function with.

6 1999

Researching as well distances in radio fields and other frequencies. We succeed to make eight contacts in one night, using UKW home devices, over a distance 240 Km.

1 2001

We continued with research into AI and human-machine interface

1 2008

We implemented an AI machine project, considering human interaction with financial and pharmaceutical sites.

3 2014

We continued research in Switzerland, where we found the first scientifically proven environment known as Brain Waves.

6 2014

We continued with financial system token implementation to the company structure and Brain Wave industry.

1 2016

We have confirmed another scientific finding in the brain wave frequencies measurements in public environment. We continued working with initiative for compliance and law enforcement, regulator for brain waves.

1 2017

We confirmed more than ten findings in Brain Wave frequencies measurements in a public environment. We created System Of All. Token development was in faze one.

1 2021

We confirmed scientific findings with more than four hundred hours of scientific findings on Human Technological abuses or Havana Syndrome abuses, simulations on mental ilnesses, and similar. We succeeded with the Senate of the United States Of America in law implementation, with the support of 427 senators. Token System Of All SALL was confirmed and we received thank you letter from the President of the United States Of America Mr. Biden and the White House.

11 2021

We started testing deploying the token System Of All SALL, first under the name SOA. Later, we changed token name to System Of All SALL Token. We received as well thank you letter from the President of the USA Mr. Biden, for support in research.

1 2022

We tested System Of All SALL Token on ERC20.

12 2022

We lunched token SALL ICO

2 2022

We received a second thank you letter from the President of the United States Of America Mr. Biden. Thank you, Mrs and Mr. Biden, thank you White House.

6 2022

We were finishing development and we tested System Of All SALL Token, System Of All Multi-sig Wallet, and System Of All Multi-sig Factory. We developed and tested eight System Of ALL smart contracts on BEP20.

7 2022

We launched the ICO website System Of All SALL Tokens. We offered a System Of All SALL Token ICO, with an initial price of 0.15 USD, with a total supply of 100.000.000 tokens, and ICO supply of Tokens.

6 2023

We lunched token SALL1


Here are the most valuable gems behind the innovation

Igor Zijan

Founder and CEO,

President of the United States of America thank you letters.
Outstanding Leadership Award Health 2.0 2022,
Visionary Award Health 2.0 2023,
and more.



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System Of All token SALL can be for now purchased only as ICO, under the link button "Purchase Token Now", in the above section of this website.

System Of All Token SALL is predicted to be opened for 120 days.

The circulating supply for System Of All token SALL ICO is ten million SALL Tokens.

The rest of System Of All SALL Token Total Supply is held for the period after ICO.

System Of All SALL Token Total Supply is one hundred million System Of All SALL Tokens.